Meanwhile, in Waterford

Meanwhile, in Waterford

April 16, 2015 in Opinion by Rob Power
Written for Broadsheet

Meanwhile In Waterford

This particular piece of cliff face will be familiar to natives of both Waterford and Kilkenny who have, for many years, used it to express pride in their counties. Many a young hurling fan has gotten up at the crack of dawn to stealthily paint it white and blue or yellow and black. Tit for tat friendly jibes at their neighbouring sporting nemesis.

Of course, there have been times when the tricolour was the daub of choice as the counties were united in support of their country for one reason or another.

Well last night, a group of similarly stealthy individuals took the time to call for unity once more.

The upcoming vote is for everyone’s benefit. In as much as I look forward to attending the same sex weddings of my close friends, and wholeheartedly anticipate to a time when our children can express their sexuality casually and without fear of rebuke. I also take this referendum personally.

The fact that I am not gay won’t mean that I will be unaffected by a no vote. It would be an affront to all of us who have built philosophies around kindness and understanding, all of us who have used thought and empathy to create a moral compass, rather than taking our cues from one book or another.

Unfortunately a no vote won’t mean a return to the status quo; it will legitimise the woefully outdated thinly veiled homophobia that is rampant throughout our society.

When there is systematic injustice, it gives a certain momentum, a kind of inertia to bigotry and intolerance. This must be removed; we must be proactive to combat this. When our national system doesn’t allow for this sentiment anymore, then I believe it will wither and die in due course, like so many forms of discrimination has done in the past.

Well done those painters! Thanks for the colour! Vote Yes.